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Collaborating on procurement and contract opportunities with small businesses just got easier!

We’re getting ready to launch soon and looking for testers.  Be one of the first to access our cutting edge solutions and online marketplace.

Big business, small and diverse businesses working together to promote growth, generate jobs and positive economic impact in our communities.


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Small Business

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BiLD simplifies contracting between small and diverse businesses, corporations and government agencies by connecting, updating, automating, and centralizing disparate business data.


Small business benefits tremendously by creating their business profile to market themselves, find opportunities, and bid on contracts all in one central location.

freeiconmaker_1  Discover

  • Access, post and share new private and public procurement opportunities
  • Access thousands of small and diverse suppliers to collaborate with on your next project.

freeiconmaker_0  Connect

  • Seamlessly communicate and connect online
  • Market your company, opportunities and projects
  • Save time, money and staff resources by connecting and working on one centralized platform

freeiconmaker_2  Transact

  • Submit, receive and track bids all in one place
  • Streamlined workflows, automated reporting, insights and metrics for compliance and better decision making.


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