Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as the ultimate resource to help grow and connect small and diverse businesses with both local and global procurement opportunities for positive economic impact to urban and underserved communities.

Empowered by Passion

“Every large business starts as a small business. We believe that strong communities and a strong economy are built upon the strength, success and growth of small and diverse business. Too many small businesses, especially minority and women-owned business are not as successful due to the lack of technology and resources, proper infrastructure, capital and business intelligence.  BiLD is here to bridge that gap!”      Makedah Shartukar, CEO

Our Fantastic Team

Makedah A. Shartukar

Co-Founder & CEO

Makedah is all about people – our world’s greatest resource outside of water. Makedah is the “Creative Visionary” of the team due to her uncanny ability to recognize and connect disparate parts whether it be information, people, ideas or solutions.  Her unique heritage of being born in the United States to both West African and Filipino parents along with her experience living overseas enhances her “out of the box” thinking with a global perspective.

Makedah has more than 15 years of experience working in the high-tech industry in HR Management and Supplier Diversity with several Silicon Valley corporations.  After the dot.com bust and Asian crisis, she transitioned into a career in real estate working with major financial institutions such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo during the foreclosure crisis.  In addition to her real estate career, she started her own consulting firm where she worked on commercial construction projects such as the Transbay Transit Center and Hunters Point Shipyard as part of their small business inclusion outreach team as well as supporting exciting new startups.

Makedah’s passion and belief in supporting small businesses to provide positive economic impact to underserved communities along with her first hand experiences  with small business inclusion and workforce diversity is the reason she decided to create the BiLD platform.

Vivian R. Stone

Co-Founder & COO

Vivian brings 38 years of Corporate, Legal, Government, Hospitality, Small Business and Start Up knowledge and experience to BiLDTrue to her German roots and growing up in Germany where apprenticeship is a long held tradition, she began her career as an apprentice in the Hotel Industry. Vivian worked her way up from the mail room to becoming Assistant Hotel Manager in less than three years, managing the second largest Hilton Hotel in the world. She was then recruited by Le Meridien Hotels to open its first 700 room Hotel in San Francisco, taking it from construction through opening.

Vivian moved on to a legal career, managing law firms before being recruited by the State Bar of California to be the organization’s executive in charge of Construction & Real Property, Procurement & Supplier Diversity, and Staff & Building Services.  While creating and managing the State Bar’s supplier diversity program she realized how difficult it was not only to find small and diverse businesses to contract with but also, how many did not have adequate administrative and financial operations in place. She had her “Aha!” moment and left the State Bar after eight years to open her small business consulting firm where she spent the next 17 years helping small business with their back-of-the house operations.

She has been featured as one of the “Who’s Who in Business” and “Who’s Who in Women”, has received various Business Awards and earned the “Hero Award” from San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan, KGO Radio, San Francisco Giants and UCSF Medical Center. Combining her corporate, government, service industry experience and knowledge with her passion to make a positive difference for small and diverse business drove her to join Makedah and create BiLD.

Steve McDonald

Co-Founder & CTO

Steve is an innovative and creative developer with extensive expertise in front end/back end web development and supervisory experience in all phases of information technology systems including server, software, hardware maintenance, web design, custom web programming, network administration, application, design and product delivery. Over 15 year demonstrated track record in solving inefficient procedures. Specializes in evaluating client’s needs and delivering appropriate technology solutions. Energized by new challenges.

In addition to being co-founder of BiLD, Steve is also the founder and chief architect for Lakeshore Labs where he designed and developed mobile applications using JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5 and CSS.  He has developed web based applications where he  setup and maintained Ubuntu based Linex server with NGINX as well as Apache.  He has utilized MongoDB and MySQL +PHP for database operations, data mining, analytics reports, and cron based worker scripts.  Some of his clients included Craigslist, WebTeacher Software LLC. and Grapebuddy Inc.

Prior to Lakeshore Labs he was CTO of Punchout Catalogs Inc. Steve designed and developed a web based project management system, an application designed to be used by internal developer resources to track the state of defects and tasks from AgileWrap project management system.
He also designed a multitenant architecture to facilitate B2B buyers connected to any number of B2B suppliers.

“We are builders, connectors and fixers.  What feeds our collective soul is knowing that BiLD can make a significant and positive difference for our users.  BiLD was created based on our own knowledge and experience in procurement, construction, outreach and administration to solve real issues for real people in real time”.  Vivian R. Stone, COO

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